Team Building Events - Problem Solving

One of our most popular events, problem-solving is the textbook team building activity, with teams competing to gain the most points in a huge range of tasks including those that require agility, mental skill and physical strength, there is something to challenge everyone in the group.

This diversity gives all team members a chance to excel in their own preferred field with the instructors ensuring all tasks are completed as a team, without people always taking a step back and letting the more confident people take over. In this way, every individual will have the chance to take a leading role in different challenges allowing team members to identify each other's strengths and weaknesses and work to ensure each person can perform within a role that works with their strengths to benefit the whole group. Working under time constraints, teams will have to delegate roles to complete tasks within within the allotted time.

What Does Problem-Solving Entail?

Activities within this event can include a blindfolded maze, with team members trying to guide others blindly around a maze using only voice commands, a minefield, trying to get between islands without touching the ground using only planks, and a ski relay using only planks and rope among many other physical and mental challenges. These tasks are guaranteed to get teams thinking outside the bow and pulling together to ensure the completion of the task at hand.



Minimum age: 18


Easy Grinstead - Sussex (approx 35mins from Brighton)