Be prepared for the worst

Preparation when taking on the outdoors is vital. Planning the route, packing the relevant kit and making sure your first aid skills are up to date. 

All our first aid courses are run by our highly experienced instructors who range from open water lifeguards, outdoor instructors to member of outdoor rescue teams around the country.

We live and breathe the outdoors and so we want everyone to be able to enjoy it to its fullest. Whether you're an outdoor instructor, or just like playing in the hills or on the water, we offer 1 day and 2 day first aid courses (8hr and 16hrs) that will get you knowledgable and confident when delivering vital first aid if someone you're with becomes ill or injured. 

When you have successfully completed the first aid course, you will gain an ITC First Aid Award with a valid lifetime of 3 years from the date of qualifying. 

Our 1 day course is perfect for assistant and entry level instructors such as: Climbing Wall Award, Paddle Sport Leader Award.

Our 2 day course is the gold standard for outdoor leaders and instructors and is recognised by all National Governing Bodies including: MTA, BC, RYA, BEL, BCA, BKSA, BASI, GNAS, BSAC, PADI, IRATA.


Clubs and Outdoor Centres

We also offer a bespoke first aid training for clubs and outdoor centres, which can be run either at our venue or yours.


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Which First Aid Course do you need?

The level of first aid tuition required for instructors, coaches, leaders and guides is usually set by the national governing or awarding body. We have listed some below to help you decide, but if you have any specific questions we suggest you contact your awarding body directly.

Mountain Training

Mountain Training requires evidence of a current first aid qualification at assessment for leader and instructor qualifications.

Outdoor qualification schemes, the minimum requirement 2 days or 16hrs of instruction, including an element of assessment.

Indoor qualification schemes the minimum requirement is at least 1 day or 8hrs of instruction, including an element of assessment.

For more info. please visit:

British Canoeing

With the vast number of changes British Canoeing has undergone with their leadership and coaching structure in the past 10+ years, understanding the First Aid requirements can be somewhat overwhelming. Below is a summery of the main qualifications, however and we highly recommend that you follow the link below and download the full document produced by British Canoeing.

Qualification First Aid Course Duration
BCU Level 1 Coach 1 Day (8hrs)
BC (UKCC) Level 1 Paddlesport Instructor 1 Day (8hrs)
BC Paddlesport Instructor
1 Day (8hrs)
BC Paddlesport Leader 1 Day (8hrs)
BCU Level 2 Coach 1 Day (8hrs)
BC (UKCC) Level 2 Coach 1 Day (8hrs)
BCU Level 3 Coach (and above) 2 Days (16hrs)
BC (UKCC) Level 3 Performance Coach (and above) 2 Days (16hrs)
BC Moderate Water Leader/4 Star Leader (and above) 2 Days (16hrs)

BCU - refers to the qualifications taken prior to the UKCC qualifications BC - (UKCC) and the Endorsement refers to the UKCC qualifications BC -refers to the qualifications taken from 2018 Whilst not all Paddlesport Instructors will need a First Aid qualification, we recommend they hold a minimum of a 1-day First Aid if working independently and will need to hold a current First Aid award if assessing British Canoeing Awards.