Google Maps can’t help you now

Switch on your GPS and you’ll quickly know where you are, where you’re going, and how to get there. This is fantastically helpful in our city lives. But find yourself on a hillside - with zero signal, low battery, no marked footpaths, or all the above - and your pricey gadget soon becomes little to no use.

Beyond the mere practicality of not getting lost, navigation is a fascinating art that’s well worth exploring. Maps allow you to see the bigger picture, to get the lay of the land and gain a greater understanding of the natural world. Learning to read them is like unlocking a new language, and so deeply rewarding.

We offer courses for all skill levels: whether you’ve convinced yourself that your sense of direction is hopeless, or if you’re a navigation pro just wanting to stock up some new skills.

Never get lost again. Unless it’s on purpose.

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Three great reasons to learn navigation with Hatt Adventures:

This isn’t our first rodeo

We've been running courses since 2005 (and getting lost & found for much longer).

We’ve got all the credentials

Our instructors are members of the Mountain Training Association and will give any boyscout a run for their money.

An immersive experience

We don't walk around with our nose stuck in a map. Our love of the land extends to its flora, fauna, geology & history - we’ll share as much as you want to know.