Stag & hen dos for people who hate stag & hen dos

OK, ‘hate’ is a little strong. However, we all have that one friend whose idea of a great time does not consist of passing out in a puddle of their own making before midnight. We’re not averse to a few beverages (far from it!) but giving your friend a send-off should also be about making memories before the vodka haze sets in.

So ahead of hitting the town in Brighton or beyond, how about doing something a little bit wonderful and wholesome first? Here are our top 10 ideas for an adventurous time with your hen or stag. But if you have something special in mind - and could lean on some outdoor experts to make it run smooth as silk - then we’re all ears.

We know that organising the big weekend can be stressful. You have to juggle the bride or groom’s different friendship groups, reign in the friend who’s planning to hire a troupe of strippers, and pretend you’re not on a stag or hen night in order to get in anywhere decent. We’ll help you get this part of the weekend absolutely nailed so it’ll be plain sailing for the rest of your trip.

Or you could just go for yet another grub, pub and club night. Yawn.

Earn your drinks. Celebrate outdoors.

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Choose Brighton for your Stag or Hen Party

Brighton is the seaside mecca for both hen and stag parties. Long famous for being a friendly city with superb nightlife, Brighton was almost tailor made for stag and hen weekend visits. The city is absolutely chock full of great accommodation, regardless of whether you just want somewhere to lay your head or a top-end luxury experience. Brighton's compact centre means that most accommodation options are just a short walk from the nightlife. And there is so much of it: our vibrant city boasts over 300 pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants.

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