So you want to start climbing? That’s what we like to hear!

Welcome to the start of a new passion, a new community, the beginning of a beautiful journey. Our mission is to walk beside you and make these first steps fearless and fun. Perhaps you’ve done a little indoor climbing. Perhaps it’s your first time doing any climbing at all. Wherever you’re at, we want you to feel welcome to this new and exciting sport. Starting something new can feel daunting. Our job is to fill you with passion and confidence.

Mark our words: you’ll catch the climbing bug in no time.

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Our half and full-day courses are perfect for first-time climbers. We’ll teach you all the essentials such as how to tie onto the rope, how to belay, and the basic techniques you’ll need to climb your first outdoor wall. Our instructors are super safety-conscious and will share best practices with you at all times. The courses take place at Harrison’s Rocks, a southern sandstone crag set in gorgeous countryside on the border between Sussex & Kent which is fantastic for first-time climbers. If you’re based in London, Brighton or anywhere in the South East, this location will be easy to reach.

Great reasons to rock climb with Hatt Adventures

We love teaching beginners

Our instructors have heaps of experience training first-time climbers and are super passionate about spreading the love for this sport.

Keeping it intimate

Small group ratios means we can tailor your tuition so you get the most out of your session.

This isn’t our first rodeo

We’ve been teaching rock climbing since 2005.

We’ve got all the credentials

Our instructors are full members of the Mountain Training Association.

We’re the folks they call in to train professional stunt performers

So, yeah. We’re pretty chuffed about that.