“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

- John Muir

So many before us have been seduced by the awe-inspiring beauty of hills & mountains. However, these domains can be as treacherous as they are beautiful: it’s imperative that we approach them with reverence and solid judgement.

When exploring a mountainous area, we recommend one of two approaches: setting out with an experienced guide by your side, or learning all the skills necessary to guide yourself safely. Happily, Hatt Adventures can help you with both.

To get a taste for the hills and mountains, we welcome you to join one of our Scrambling Trips or Walking Challenges and discover some of the UK’s most stunning vistas, all while in the expert hands of a qualified guide. For those who want to learn to be their own guide, our Navigation and Winter Skills courses will allow you to take over the reins of your future adventures.

There is no right or wrong place to start, but you’ll be so grateful once you do.

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Our courses take place in some of the most postcard-worthy mountainous regions of the UK and beyond. When you book one of our trips or courses, you also get to visit an iconic landscape, from the South Downs all the way to the Scottish Highlands.

Three great reasons to explore mountains with Hatt Adventures:

This isn’t our first rodeo.

We’ve been running courses since 2005 and visiting the UK’s hills and mountains for much longer.

We’ve got all the credentials.

Our instructors are members of the Mountain Training Association and are fully involved in the world of hill walking and mountaineering.

An immersive experience.

Our love of the mountains extends to its flora, fauna, geology & history. They say sharing is caring and we’ll tell you as much as you want to know.