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Our mission is simple, we will only ever sell kit we have tried, tested and would recommend. With over 20 years experience, we can advise you on the perfect kit for your awesome adventures. From rock climbing to kayaking, industry or film - we've got you covered, with more products being added weekly.




Where great people meet great adventures

At Hatt Adventures, we're all about experiencing life in all its technicolour, awe-inspiring, synapse-tingling beauty.

Over a decade and a half, what started as a group of thrill-seeking misfits has evolved into a team of leading experts in their field, sharing their knowledge and devising new and exciting adventures.

We work with and train some of the best outdoor instructors to deliver carefully crafted courses, trips and adventure holidays.

Our aim is simple: to inspire and instil a sense of adventure in everyone

Choose life, choose adventure!

  • Choose to be outdoors.
  • Choose experiences over comfort.
  • Choose the thing that reminds us we're human.
  • Choose to see it all with your own eyes, not through someone else's Instagram.
  • Choose to wake up early on the weekend to start climbing before anyone else has even had their first cup of coffee.
  • Choose to get into the water, even when it's cold.
  • Choose to cap it all off with a cold beer and some new friends. - Because you bloody deserve one!