Travel. Adventure. Rock climbing. This is what it’s all about.

Trust us on this one. If you do just one thing in your climbing career to feel truly alive and connected with yourself and nature: take a weekend and go on a climbing holiday.

We get it, smashing indoor routes is addictive. We wouldn’t blame anyone for getting a little stuck to those plastic holds under neon lamps. However, what’s the point of mastering that half crimp if it’ll never see the light of day? Where indoor climbing is the training wheels, climbing trips are the real deal.

Luckily, we know all the best places and can recommend the best trip for you, whether you fancy hovering on seacliffs by your fingertips somewhere along the Jurassic Coast, visiting the Mecca of British climbing in the Peak District, or ascending the most westernly UK crags in Cornwall.

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Great reasons to rock climb with Hatt Adventures

We love what we do

And we all know excitement is infectious!

We know the best places, inside & out

We’ve climbed extensively throughout the UK.

As well as teaching you to climb, we’ll show you the most jaw-droppingly beautiful spots too!

We’ve got all the credentials

Our instructors are full members of the Mountain Training Association.

We’re the folks they call in to train professional stunt performers

So, yeah. We’re pretty chuffed about that.

This isn’t our first rodeo

We’ve been teaching rock climbing since 2005.