Becoming a member of the British Stunt Register (BSR) means being part of an internationally recognised register of stunt performers and coordinators, working at the highest level in the film and television industry. To become a member, aspiring stunt performers must be skilled in at least six disciplines from across a range of categories and skills, one of which is rock climbing.

Pathway to the BSR climbing qualification

The BSR climbing qualification has undergone a number of changes in recent years, and the current pathway is laid out below:

Part 1

  • Complete the 3 Day Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI) award administered by the Mountain Training Association (MTA) in the UK and Ireland.
  • Complete the consolidation pre-requists.
  • Pass Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI) Assessment.

This demonstrates the technical ability to safely set up climbs and instruct others on single pitch climbs.

Part 2

  • Pass the Level 1 Rope Access Certificate issued by IRATA.

This demonstrates technical industrial experience.

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