Organise your Charity Abseil at Peacehaven Cliffs

We are the No.1 provider of charity abseils in the South East and work closely with a number of charities to safely manage their abseiling events. Many charities are fortunate enough to have their own buildings to use for abseiling events, and many work with partner companies who provide their building for free. This however takes a lot of organising with lots of phone calls, emails and site visits to find a suitable building. With Peacehaven all the leg work is taken care of and all you need to do is concentrate on finding the fundraisers to take part in the abseil.

About Peacehaven Heights

Peacehaven Cliffs are a nesting site for a number of birds and there are restrictions on abseiling at various times of the year, please contact us for more info.

How Many Ropes Do I Need?

The venue can handle 2 ropes and we endeavour to get as many people abseiling as possible, but ultimately it depends on the speed of each individual. Please contact us for more guidance on participant numbers.


Please contact us for a quote. All of our prices include: Instructors, the use of specialist abseiling equipment, a site visit, risk assessment and method statements.

Organising Your Abseil at Peacehaven Heights

Organising your charity abseil event with us couldn't be easier, just follow the steps below:

1 - Contact Us

Please complete our enquiry form:

Enquiry Form

We can check our availability and put you in contact with the council (as you have to hire the venue directly from them) and provide you with a quote.

2 - Confirm your Booking

It's easy to book, we need a 50% deposit to confirm your event, and the full payment no later than 30 days prior to the start date.

3 - Site Visit

Once you've made a booking we will arrange a date to meet you at the venue to show you round and discuss and questions you have for the event. We will also send you a full method statement.

4 - Participants

Now it's time for you to go out and find the participants for the abseiling challenge! We can also help promote your event on our social media and newsletters. When getting people to sign up we strongly advise that you take a booking fee (£20-£30 per person) and then set minimum sponsorship target for participants to raise.

Other Information

Fundraising Potential

Charity abseils have great fundraising potential. Each of our charity abseil events have raised between £4,000 - £15,000 for worthwhile causes.

Medical Cover

All of our staff are first aid trained and qualified abseiling instructors.

Health and Safety

We take health and safety very seriously but with common sense in mind. We run a huge range of activities in hazardous environments including providing safety services to the television and film industry.


We hold £10 million public and product liability and employers liability for these events.


Peacehaven Heights