Lost - Team Building Event

While trekking in remote jungle, disaster strikes your team: during the night a torrential rain storm washes away all your belongings and sadly your local guide, leaving you unprotected from the elements and with no food or water. Lacking a navigator and most kit, the team must find their way safely back to civilisation using the resources they have left overcoming a number of challenging obstacles along the way. Your team will have to find and salvage equipment, develop and use techniques in crossing chasms and minefields.

In addition to the 4 hour Lost event, the full day (6hr) ‘Lost’ event will also include raft building.

The Benefits of this Event for Team Development

This event is a great way to establish how the team interacts and develop skills as an integrated group in a completely new situation, under pressure. Getting to know each other in the process, they will establish roles and individual traits that can benefit certain aspects of the task and be used in future life and work situations. With different people working in different ways under pressure, predominant skills when placed in this situation will emerge. Finishing the day tired and possibly wet and muddy, team members will be exhausted but happy and will certainly know each other if they didn’t before! With an active imagination they will also get a taste of how it feels to really be lost in the jungle!



Minimum age: 18


Forest Row - Sussex (approx 35mins from Brighton)