TV and Film Location Safety Services

If your television, music video or film production requires putting your cast and crew in hazardous locations then you have a ‘duty of care’ to ensure their safety. Filming in dangerous environments can be a tough decision for production teams and you will need to think about the risks you are exposing them to.

The safety of your production is paramount and this is reflected in our excellent safety track record. Our technical advisor's work closely with your production team to ensure you understand the risks involved. Our technical advisor's will then produce a risk assessment including emergency action plans and will implement and action all safety procedures. We are used to working alongside directors, stunt co-ordinators or from storyboards to ensure you get very best shots required for your productions filming.

We can provide a number of safety specialists from a wide range of backgrounds from mountain guides, industrial ropes access technicians to swift water rescue teams. All of our team members are experienced in the film industry and understand the pressures of filming and will ensure that your cast and crew are as safe as possible while still maintaining the atmosphere of your production.

Land Based

We can supply safety and technical advisor's, for all types of rigging, safety rope and wire work. From buildings safety to rock and cliff faces, we can set up climbing and abseiling rigs and provide mountain safety guides. We can also supply military advisor's for technical accuracy on such jobs as cliff assaults and arctic warfare.

Marine Based

Ranging from indoor swimming pools, fast flowing rivers including white-water, to the sea and coastal waters. Our technicians can not only provide location safety but we can combine this with our rigging services.

Some of Our Previous Commissions Include:
•    Skyscraper building safety for actors standing on edge.
•    Rigging a harness, to safely hang an actor from a tree.
•    Blue screen flying harness rigging.
•    Mountain safety for cast a crew.
•    Rigging cars on their side with passenger and driver rigged to the seats.
•    Supplying an instructor to coach young climbers for a kids TV program, we also supplied the safety technicians for the crew rigging them at the top of the rocks to get overhead shots and panoramic scenic shots.


We can rig your camera crews into virtually any location or angle ensuring you get that perfect shot. At the other end of the camera we can train your cast and crew in the use of specialist safety equipment including flying harness’s and can rig wire work for acrobats and stunt performers.

Location Recces

Sometimes we will need to recce your chosen location to see if it is feasible to achieve your shots. If not our vast knowledge of extreme and beautiful locations can help you to find the perfect spot for your production. With our extensive knowledge of remote locations we have been commissioned for location recces all over the UK and also provided logistics for photography and film crews.