Activity Days

Activity Days

What is an Adventure Day?

An adventure day or event is the ideal opportunity to get your team out of the normal working environment and throwing themselves into new and exciting challenges. Being in the great outdoors with colleagues will inspire them to push and encourage each other, building bonds and getting to know each other in the process.

We have a wide range of activities available and we can run anything from two hour experience to multi-activity days and adventure weekends, so rather than sticking to just one activity why not choose a few of your favourites and create a bespoke event?

How will an adventure event help my employees in the long run?

While not all of these adventure activities directly require them to work in a team to complete challenges, they will soon come to realise that they will all individually get more out of the event by working together and cheering each other along to build confidence and self-belief. With the physical and mental challenges faced, your staff will not only discover personality traits and strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues but may even discover things they didn’t know about themselves!

How does an adventure day differ to a traditional team-building event?

Unlike many team events, an adventure day is non-competitive: while competition may naturally be developed between individuals this isn’t the primary aim of the event, this being to encourage and boost confidence of fellow team members while building self esteem and giving a great sense of achievement. In this sense, all who participate can succeed, whether it’s attaining a personal goal or completing a task with the help of team mates. Individuals may even feel more enthused before the event than with a conventional team-building event as they will anticipate having the opportunity to sample activities they have previous not tried and may previously have wanted to experience.

What is the Ultimate Aim of an Adventure Day?

By the end of the event all delegates should feel enthused and inspired to set themselves targets and attain the goals have previously established, while feeling more familiar and working better with their colleagues following the physical and mental challenges they will have faced together.