Treat your team to something they’ve been dying to do
  • Does your team deserve a treat for hitting their KPIs this quarter?
  • Is your company celebrating a big milestone?
  • Need some covert team building to nurture togetherness with zero cheese?

Activity days are all about indulging in fun outdoor pursuits, being in nature and making memories with your co-workers. Our goal on the day is to deliver a fun-loving experience. Having said that, if a side-dish of "team building" inadvertently sneaks in while Mark from HR is belaying Jenny from Sales and they finally hit it off… Hey, we’ll take the win!

Unlike team building events that are geared towards learning and collaboration plus a dash of competition, activity days are based on fun adventures your staff have probably been dying to try out for ages: rock climbing, kayaking, abseiling, mountaineering, the list goes on!

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Benefits of booking an activity day for your team

Activity days are all about having fun with your co-workers. Making memories and gelling together human-to-human is not just a more fun way to work, it can be invaluable when the going gets tough.

It’s a collaboration & communication 101

We've all experienced it. Your main contact with a colleague is what their email signature looks like. One day, you finally bump into each other by the coffee machine and something changes; you find that your working relationship skyrockets. Now imagine what 4 hours of rock climbing up a sandstone crag will do for that relationship. Turn your team into an even greater powerhouse. It all starts outdoors.

Your team’s creativity is supercharged

To have a successful business based on creativity and innovation, you need to employ different people with diverse perspectives and expertise to cross-pollinate the organisation with fresh ideas. Out-of-the-ordinary action days in a new environment create space for the imagination and can shake up any creative blocks within your team.

Motivation goes through the roof

Treating your team to a day out is part of nurturing a successful company culture. Besides increasing a team’s confidence in their collective ability, it also shows them that their organisation cares and is willing to invest in them. And that's no small thing.

Provide positive reinforcement

Action days can also be used to provide recognition to employees or teams whose work has been outstanding, as a reward for their dedication and hard work. You can book these as group events or simply gift your team members with reward vouchers they can use to book onto our existing courses. As well as being a fantastic “thank you”, it sends a strong message about your company’s values and what that means to the success of the organisation.