Navigation, Hill Walking and Mountaineering Resources

Governing Body

BMC - British Mountaineering Council
Climbing and mountaineering governing body
MTA - Mountain Training Association
Climbing and mountaineering award holders scheme

OS Map Reading
Ordinance Survey articles and advice on map reading.
Route Card
Planning a trip, make a route card to aid navigation and to give others so they know your route in case of an emergency.
Naismith's Rule
A handy table for working out: time, distance and speed. - Best laminated and carried with your compass!
Countryside Rights of Way Act
A leaflet on the Countryside Rights of Way Act.
Dartmoor Training Area Access
Information on Dartmoor and the firing range access.
Natural England - Access
Natural England access information.

UK Scrambles
Fantastic resource for scrambling routes in the UK

Mountaineering Council of Scotland

Wilderness First Aid

Casualty Card
Carry the Casualty Card with you in your first aid kit, write down vital info on the casualty’s condition, and pass on to Emergency Medical Services. The other side contains a Wilderness First Aid ‘crib’ card. – Best laminated against the weather!