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Sandstone Climbing Kit Bundle

Original price was: £160.00.Current price is: £134.99.

Are you looking to get cragging on the Southern Sandstone rocks in the South East? Our Sandstone Climbing Kit includes everything you need to get started, and is ideal for venues like Harrison’s Rocks, Stone Farm, Bowles and more.

Sandstone is a very soft rock, so by its nature it will need extra special care when setting up ropes. That’s why we’ve included a rope protector to prevent moving ropes from damaging the rocks.

This climbing kit consists of:

  • 1 x DMM Statement Rope – 30m (Blue or Copper)
  • 1 x DMM Worksafe Plus Rope – 10m x 10mm/ 1 x Petzl Club Rope – 10m x 10mm.
  • 1 x DMM Nylon Sling – 240cm x 16mm (colour may vary)
  • 1 x DMM Shadow Screwgate Carabiner – Titanium/Lime
  • 1 x Maillon Rapide PPE 10mm Standard – Galvanised Steel (colour may vary)
  • 1 x Lyon Rope Protector – 50cm

For tuition on how to use this kit, book onto our Sandstone Ropework Course, or join us at a Climbing Club event to meet like-minded climbers in the local area.

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Sandstone Climbing Kit Bundle

The Sandstone Climbing Kit is the perfect one stop for setting up a sandstone top rope anchor at your local crag.

DMM Statement Rope – 30m – Choose Blue or Copper

The Statement is ideal for those who are new to the sport of climbing. It is a durable single rope that has had Thermo control heat treatment which gives supple handling and increased wear resistance.
For further Specifications, click here

DMM Worksafe Plus Rope – 10m x 10mm/ Petzl Club – 10m x 10mm

The Worksafe Plus boasts a tight woven sheath, this increases the durability and abrasion resistance, but still gives superb knotability and compatibility with rope grabs and devices.
For further Specifications, click here

The Petzl Club semi-static 10 mm diameter rope offers good handling and great durability.
For further Specifications, click here

DMM Nylon Sling – 240cm x 16mm

Nylon slings are a good all-round material that withstands repeated flexing better than Dynatec, has greater shock absorption, is less expensive and has a higher melting point.
For further Specifications, click here

PLEASE NOTE: Colour may vary (Red or Black) depending on stock levels.

DMM Shadow Screw Lock Carabiner – Titanium/Lime

The Shadow strikes an ideal balance between low weight and usability. Weighing just 50 grams thanks to I-Beam construction, you can carry several Shadows before the weight starts to tell. A locking carabiner for all situations.
For further Specifications, click here

DMM Steel Oval Screwgate

A steel carabiner provides an ideal centralised anchor for your sandstone rigging.

For further specifications, click here

Lyon Rope Protector – 50cm

The Canvas Rope Protectors are popular for situations where a localised area of rope protection is required. With a durable dual-layer canvas construction, they can be installed directly on the rope or secured to the structure. This is perfect for protecting your kit as well as the sandstone rocks.
For further Specifications, click here

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A photo of the sandstone ropework bundle featuring a 30m DMM statement rope, a 10m static line, a 240 sling, a DMM shadow screwgate, a DMM steel carabiner and a Lyon rope protector.
Sandstone Climbing Kit Bundle
Original price was: £160.00.Current price is: £134.99.