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Check out our wide variety of climbing rope, we have a range of lengths and diameters, plus some are available in bright colours so they’re easier to see on the rock. These ropes are available to purchase as default lengths (30m, 50m, 60m, 70m, 80m) or you can purchase rope by the meter.

Dynamic Ropes

Dynamic ropes are designed for lead climbing as the rope stretches to absorb the shock and minimise the impact of a fall on the climber, and on the protection.

Dynamic ropes come in 3 main types:

  • Single Rope – Typically from 8.7-10.5mm Designed to be used on its own and is best suited to indoor leading, or to single pitch (single rope length) crags.
  • Half Ropes (AKA: Double Ropes ) – Ranging from 8-.9.5mm in diameter. are to be used in pairs and are best suited to mountain routes (for added protection or longer abseils), or for protecting smaller routes that may wander away from natural lines of protection and so can be placed where required.
  • Twin Ropes – Not to be confused with Half Ropes, these must be used as a pair and clipped through the same runner.

All types of rope can be bought with dry treatment for winter climbing.

Semi-Static Ropes:

Ranging from 10-11mm, semi-static ropes are predominantly used as a fixed rope for abseiling but are also designed for caving and canyoning. They offer good handling and great durability. Semi-static ropes traditionally come in white with flecks of colour, however, we also stock a range of colours including black for all your ninja needs!