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Rock Climbing Protection

We stock a range of different climbing protection that will keep you safe on your climb. We offer nuts, cams and hexes provided only by the top brands, so you can keep your mind at ease and enjoy your awesome climb.

Climbing nuts, historically known as “Chocks” or “Chockstones”, are metal wedges used as protection that, simply put, allow the climber to attach themselves to the rockface. We stock a range of different shapes and sizes such as, Walnuts, Torque Nuts and Alloy Offsets, so you are prepared for whatever the rock can throw at you. If you secure a nut a little too well, never fear, we have a handy Nut Key available so you don’t lose any of your valuable kit.

Climbing cams, sometimes known as “friends”, are active protection devices for rock climbing that are well suited to parallel or flared cracks. Our cams come in a range of sizes so you’ll be prepared for anything the rock can throw at you.