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DMM Dragon Cams


The dual axle, single stem design of the DMM Dragon Cams gives them 360° flexibility and a huge expansion range. This design helps increase performance in sub-optimal placements and ensures you select the right piece every time.

The hot-forged thumb press of the these DMM Cams reduces fumbling from gloved hands and pumped fingers, ensuring stable handling when you need it most.

Another advantage of the innovative design of these DDM Cams is their ability to accommodate an extendable sling without any impact to strength. This reduces the number of quickdraws needed to extend any placement, reducing the weight of your rack.

DDM Dragon Cams use advanced lightweight aluminium alloys to keep weight to a minimum without impacting the impressive active and passive strength; even the smallest 00 size Dragon Cam features active strength of 10kN while weighing as little as 75g.


  • Colour coded for easy size identification
  • Ergonomic thumb press gives stable handling
  • TripleGrip lobes for increased holding power and reduced walking
  • Extendable sling reduces rope drag and rack weight
  • Dual axle design for expanded range


  • Weight: 75 – 299g
  • Active Strength: 10 – 14kN
  • Passive Strength: 9 – 14kN
  • Certification: EN 12276:2013

Additional information

Weight 75-299 g


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00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 00-1, 0-5, 2-4

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