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DMM Renegade Climbing Harness


Comfortable, durable and multi-purpose, the DMM Renegade is a great all-round rock climbing harness. Breathable mesh and generous padding provide good comfort and support. The internal load spreading plate keeps the Renegade comfortable, providing effective lumbar support on hanging belays and long climbing days.

Fully adjustable leg and waist loops help the DMM Renegade climbing harness fit over any clothing, making it ideal for use in all seasons and all weather conditions. A fast and secure fit is ensured by Slide Lock buckles, while the floating waist belt ensures the padding and gear loops remain centralised. This ensures users remain comfortable, as well as keeping all gear within reach.

The seven thoughtfully placed gear loops provide room for even the biggest rack, keeping gear easily accessible. The DMM Renegade also includes two Vault shots, letting you carry dedicated ice protection.

Click here for DMM instructional video.

The Renegade is a comfortable and secure all-round harness, suitable for long mountain trad pitches, multi-day mountain epics and anything in between.

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  • All-round climbing harness for performance and comfort in any environment.
  • Extensive racking options for summer and winter climbing, and are effective in summer and winter environments.
  • Fully adjustable for use with a variety of layering.
  • Appropriate for climbers who want a single harness for all their climbing.
  • Seven gear loops for extensive racking options.
  • Ventilated padding for comfort and breathability.
  • Slots in the harness allow ice screw holders to be fitted, giving secure racking of valuable ice screws.
  • Slide Lock buckles gives the quickest and easiest adjustment, letting you find the perfect fit with minimal effort.
  • The waist belt is constructed of high quality, closed cell foam, and carries a firm spreading plate internally. This combination gives effective support during hanging belays and on long days in the mountains.


  • Certification: EN 12277:2015 Type C

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Weight 395-450 g



Men, Women


S, M, L



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