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DMM Mantis/Shadow HMS Belay Set


Get yourself a handy set with the excellent Mantis Belay Device and the Shadow HMS Carabiner. Both amazing products that work superbly together.

Despite its low weight, the Mantis is a high performance belay device, giving confident control over ropes from 11mm down to a super skinny 7.3mm. Ideal for those looking for a single belay device for all their climbing activities.

The high strength, lightweight Shadow HMS Screwgate Carabiner by DMM is designed to maximise gate opening, with a deep and wide top basket capable of accommodating three clove hitches. The aluminium construction of the Shadow HMS DMM carabiner allows these carabiners to reach a breaking strength rating of 26kN along their major axis while keeping weight down to an impressive 70g.

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Specifications – Mantis

  • Weight: 45g
  • Certification: EN15151-2:2012

Specifications – Shadow HMS

  • Materials: aluminium
  • Weight: 70g
  • Dimensions: 77 x 115mm
  • MBS (major Axis): 26kN
  • MBS (minor axis): 9kN
  • MBS (gate open): 7kN
  • Gate Opening: 22mm
  • Certification: EN12275:2013 B/H, EN362:2004 B

Additional information

Weight 131 g



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