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Environmental Pledge

As outdoor and nature lovers we have always tried to think about the way in which we do business. With greater pressures and demands being placed on our planet and fewer resources we’ve decided to make a firm commitment to going carbon neutral and being plastic smart. Obviously there are limits to this with most of our adventure equipment being made of metal and plastic, however where reasonably practicable we use equipment and suppliers who have the same ethos as us.

Carbon Neutral

To be a completely carbon neutral and offset our impact via Carbon Footprint.

Plastic Smart

To be plastic smart and not use single use plastics where possible.


Our aim is to use as little fresh packaging as possible. We recycle packaging from our suppliers (sometimes you’ll see lots of labels already on your boxes) and where this is not possible, we will only use new packaging made from recycled materials.

My Package Has Plastic Packaging in it?

I thought you didn’t use plastic in your packing so why has my parcel got plastic in it? We keep all packaging materials from our suppliers. Some of them still use plastic and while we encourage them to use other materials, we won’t throw it away, so instead we use it.

We encourage you to do the same and use it in the next parcel you send.

Our Environmental Commitment

Take a look at our blog for the latest info. on what we’ve been up to.