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Wild Country Rockcentric


The Wild Country Rockcentric collection are a combination of the best ideas behind the trusty old Hexentric with added Rock geometry.

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Wild Country Rockcentric

The Rockcentrics are brilliantly light and easy to use. They offer plenty of placement options and come with a colour co-ordinated Dyneema sling that helps keep them firmly wedged once placed.

The Rockcentric collection are ultimately  a lightweight and affordable alternative to cams for adding protection to big cracks. They are the perfect solution for crag or alpine routes in the summer or winter.

Refer to Wild Country’s sizing chart at the bottom of the page for individual sizing specifications.


  • 14kn Dyneema sling.
  • 4 placement options.
  • Side tapers.
  • Lightweight.
  • Great for trad and winter climbing.


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Wild Country Rockcentric. Photo of each individual piece.
Wild Country Rockcentric