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Lyon Equipment

Their story

What started out in 1965 as a caving ladder manufacturer in Cumbria, Lyon Equipment today produces premium rope access gear, as well as emergency and rescue kit. They are experts in specialist rope access equipment, including  lanyards, slings, tackle bags and bespoke sewn goods.


As a business deeply connected to the Cumbrian landscape, Lyon Equipment are developing a peatland restoration project alongside Cumbria Wildlife Trust, and are committed to reducing environmental impact. They actively encourage customers to adopt a ‘repair not replace’ policy and all equipment is manufactured for durability.

Why we love Lyon Equipment

We treat our climbing and rope access gear with the utmost care, and encourage our customers to do the same, so that we can prolong the lifespan of our equipment. From rope protector and edge management to rope storage bags, Lyon Equipment gear is an essential for all riggers.