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Rock Exotica Pirate WireEye Auto-Lock Carabiner


The WireEye series of carabiners combines the utility of a standard carabiner with the safety and capability of a lanyard pin or captive eye. The WireEye holds gear, lanyards and lines with enough resistance to help prevent gear from moving past the end of the carabiner, but releases easily when lifted up. When the potential for dangerous leverage or cross-loading can occur, the WireEye helps keep the carabiner oriented correctly, and the gear where it belongs.

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  • Releasable wire gate gives you quick access to capture and release lines or gear
  • Takes the place of a fixed lanyard pin or captive-eye carabiner when a permanent hold is not needed
  • Use as a standard carabiner with the added benefit of the wire restraint
  • Features the same strength and quality characteristics as the non-WireEye carabiners


  • Materials: aluminium
  • Weight: 84g
  • Dimensions: 107 x 71mm
  • MBS-Major: 26kN
  • MBS-Minor: 11kN
  • Gate opening: 25mm
  • Certification: CE

Additional information

Weight 84 g


Locking System




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