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Rock Exotica

Awesome technical rigging equipment manufactured in the USA

About Rock Exotica

Awesome technical rigging equipment manufactured in the USA. Rock Exotica specialise in high end equipment designed (as their motto says) ‘Expert Use Only’ with the skull and crossbones logo.

What we use:

We use a number of Rock Exotica products on our charity abseil events and when we rig for Film and TV safety events. These are some of our favourite items of equipment:

Rock Exotica Omni-Block Swivel Pulleys 2.0 Single Black

Omni-Block 2.0

No other swivel pulley on the market comes close to the Omni-block 2.0 Single Pulley.

We use these on a number of our Charity Abseil Events including the Spinnaker Tower.

Any Stunt rigger worth their salt with be familiar with the Rock 2.0!

Rock Exotica RockD Auto-Lock Carabiner Black

RockD Auto-Lock Carabiner

We’ve used loads of the RockD carabiners on Film and TV productions as they’re great ‘on-camera’ carabiners, with their tactical look and auto-locking function.

Rock Exotica EnForcer Load Cell Black

Enforcer Load Cell

We’ve used the Enforcer on numerous rigging events and tension lines and tyrolean abseil events.

Rock Exotica Rockstar Rig Plate Red

Rockstar 3D Rig Plate

A fantastic piece of kit for multidirectional loads, we’ve used the Rockstar on a number of stunt rigs for Film and TV.

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