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Beal Rope End Marking Kit


The Beal rope end marking kit consists of non-rotting labels and a heat-shrink sheath that allow you to replace old rope endings, but more importantly lets you establish your own rope traceability. The label is non-tear and waterproof while the heat-shrink cover is very abrasion resistant, optimising protection.

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Beal Rope End Marking Kit

  • A handy package that contains all the items you need to successfully mark the end of your newly cut climbing ropes.
  • 50 Rot proof labels and 50 pre cut sheaths make up this traceability kit. The tickets are untearable and impermeable.
  • Non-tear.
  • Waterproof.


  • Weight: 26g.
  • non-rot labels x 50 pieces.
  • pre-cut heat shrink sheaths x 50 pieces.

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Weight 26 g

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