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Their story

Beal’s mission and products are rooted in the history of climbing and mountain sports. For the past 30 years, this history has been the springboard for designing innovative products, applying the same creative energy needed to push the limits on a climb.


Like us, Beal has a deep respect for the natural environment and is committed to improving their environmental footprint for the good of the planet and outdoor sports. Beal has pledged that for each rope sold, they will support reforestation projects in Madagascar, and have innovated so that 100% of their dynamic ropes are recyclable.

Why we love Beal

It is well known that the signature design characteristic of Beal’s ropes is low impact force. This means that whenever we use their dynamic ropes for our climbs, rope access or stunt work, falls are better cushioned, anchor points undergo less stress and the belayer can brake our fall more easily.