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Zone3 Mens Agile Wetsuit


If you’re new to open water swimming or triathlon, the Agile Wetsuit is the companion you need to keep your body warm, comfortable, and supported through the beginnings of your open water journey.

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Zone3 Mens Agile Wetsuit

Thanks to its ZONE3 heritage, the Agile provides several features not offered by other entry-level wetsuits on the market. For instance, the suit features core support buoyancy panels on the upper legs, which help keep the legs towards the surface making the body streamlined.

It’s slick 2-4mm neoprene makes for a streamlined but comfortable and warm bit of kit. It implements high stretch shoulder panels allowing for great flexibility and movement. As well featuring a combination of streamlining buoyancy panels. As a result the wetsuit becomes a second skin which allows for both high manoeuvrability and support in open water. Agility’s in the name.

The wetsuit’s combination between performance and comfort is ideal for beginners looking to get into open water swimming.





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Men's Agile Wetsuit. Colour: Black with grey detailing. Full Front Image.
Zone3 Mens Agile Wetsuit