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Waterhaul Fitzroy Navy


The Waterhaul Fitzroy feature rectangular unisex sunglasses frames that suit a broad range of face sizes. Made from recycled fishing nets, and paired with polarised mineral glass lenses, these shades offer complete sustainability and UVA/UVB 400 protection.

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Waterhaul Fitzroy Navy Sunglasses

Supplied in a beautiful cork case with Hatt Adventures very own unique logo, the Waterhaul Fitzroy Navy are a stylish pair of environmentally friendly sunglasses. They’re made from the strongest form of waste plastic found in our oceans. Nets that would last decades floating around in the sea have been recycled and repurposed to make hard-wearing, exceptionally designed sustainable eyewear that should last a lifetime.

This model features a polarised grey lens.


  • Optical Quality: ABBE value 59 vs. 32 for conventional plastic lenses.
  • Sustainability & Recyclability: Infinite vs plastic lenses not currently recycled.
  • Technology: Reflection factor 1.47% vs. 8.6% for un-coated plastic lenses.
  • Scratch Resistance: MOHS hardness value 6.8 vs. 2.9 for conventional plastic lenses.
  • Lens UV Protection: UV 400.
Waterhaul Fitzroy sunglasses with polarised grey lens. Rotated angle.
Waterhaul Fitzroy Navy