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Palm Maverick Whitewater Paddle


Great for clubs and groups, the Palm Maverick Whitewater Paddle has a tough polypropylene blade on an aluminium shaft; strong and simple. The ideal first whitewater paddle.

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Palm Maverick Whitewater Paddle

Introducing the ultimate whitewater paddle that’s suitable for both beginners and intermediates alike. With glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene blades, the Palm Maverick slices through the water unlike any other paddle in this price range.

The blades themselves are large with strong dihedral, making them powerful yet flutter free. Partnered with an ovalised, lightweight, aluminium shaft, the Maverick is truly a superlight power generating machine.


  • 45° right-hand feather
  • ovalised shaft index grip
  •  shaft Ø 31.5 mm
  • 680 cm² blade area
  • 1115 g (197 cm)
  • aluminium shaft
  • polypropylene glass filled blade
  • Made in China

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RH 45 Deg

Paddle Shaft



The Palm Maverick. On the left there is a close up blade view. On the right is a full shot of the whole paddle. The blades are an orangey sherbet colour, while the shaft is metallic with black handles.
Palm Maverick Whitewater Paddle