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Palm Drift Pro Two Piece Paddle


The wickedly red Palm Drift Pro Two Piece Paddle is here to meet all of your recreational needs. Slice and dice through the water and cruise your way to victory in confidence and style.

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Palm Drift Pro Two Piece Paddle

The Drift Pro has a light glass fibre shaft with adjustable angle and length on-the-go. Durable and great value with an asymmetric blade – ideal for touring, sit-on-tops, or inflatable kayaks.


  • Adjustable feather and length coupling
  • Medium size blade shape with gentle dihedral
  • Adjustable 0–80° feather
  • Drip rings
  • Ovalised shaft index grip
  • Shaft Ø 30 mm
  • 660 cm² blade area
  • 1219 g (220 cm), 1224 g (225 cm)
  • glass fibre shaft
  • polypropylene glass filled blade
  • Made in China

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Paddle Shaft

Fibre Glass

A Wicked Red Palm Drift Pro Two Piece Paddle. On the left we witness a close up of its blade, while the right displays a percept of the dismantled paddle itself.
Palm Drift Pro Two Piece Paddle