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Nookie Insul8 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves


3mm neoprene GBS insulated wetsuit gloves for warmth and grip. Great for any watersports including paddle boarding, kayaking & surfing.

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Made from 3.0mm GBS (solvent-free glued and blindstitched) neoprene seams. This technical construction offers warmth and protection. They function by trapping a thin layer of air or water between you and the glove. This layer is warmed by your body heat, keeping you warm while in the water. The GBS seams, and technical O-ring cuff minimise the flushing of water, therefore keeping your hands warmer.

These gloves are dry up to the cuff and will offer the best insulation of a watersports glove.

The Nookie Insul8 Glove has a relaxed pre-formed shape to anatomically fit your fingers comfortably. The palm offers grip from the Dura-Shark textured neoprene panel, and the outer glove has a mesh finish to repel water.


  • 3.0mm insulating neoprene
  • Glued and blindstitched seams (GBS)
  • Solvent Free – No more organic solvents in neoprene lamination
  • Aqua-base lamination glue – Not like traditional solvent-base glue, the aqua-base lamination glue is solvent free
  • O-ring flexible cuff
  • Grippy Dura-Shark palm
  • Dura-mesh outer
  • Pre-formed to anatomically fit your hand


Size Traditional Glove Size Hand Circumference Finger Tip To Palm
S 7.5 – 8 18.5cm – 20cm 16.5cm – 18cm
M 8.5 – 9 20.5cm – 23cm 18cm – 19cm
L 9.5 – 10 23.5 – 25cm 19cm – 19.5cm
XL 10.5 25.5cm 19.5cm – 20cm
XXL 11 28cm 20cm – 20.5cm

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S, M, L, XL, XXL

3mm Insul8 neoprene wetsuit gloves from Nookie
Nookie Insul8 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit Gloves