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Nookie 8mm Neoprene Footmat


Stand on it. Use it in a car park riverside, use it at the beach before & after wild swimming. 8mm Nookie Neoprene Foot Mat. The wetsuit outdoor changing mat.

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There have been many imitations, but none are as thick and squidgy as the classic 8mm Nookie Neoprene Foot Mat. Stand on it and not your technical gear when in a car park after running a river, use it at the beach changing for wild sea swimming, kneel on it in your open canoe. Have it as your front door mat or in your bathroom. Enjoy 8mm of pure foot cushioning bliss to protect them from the cold and the rough bits. Perfect for any outdoor adventurer.


  • 8.0mm Thick Neoprene (Wetsuit Material)
  • 54cm (w) x 42cm (h)
  • Black with Blue and White Print
  • Protects your gear, stand on this not your kit when changing
  • Protects your feet from cold car parks, wet sand and rocky river banks
  • Gives you insight into what your feet do for you


Neoprene foot changing mat from Nookie
Nookie 8mm Neoprene Footmat