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Edelrid Ohm II


The Edelrid Ohm II is a quickdraw devise that utilises friction to solve the problem of singnificant weight difference in lead climbing partners.

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Edelrid Ohm II

A clever and simple solution to the problems experienced by a light climbing partner belaying someone significantly heavier. For use at both climbing walls and outdoor sport climbing venues.The new OHM is easier to use than ever thanks to a number of updates. The device itself is now fitted with a swivel joint, meaning that the clipping direction no longer matters when the device is clipped to the first bolt. The locking system has also been improved, the device now features a button as opposed to the catch seen on the previous generation.


  • Minimum belayer weight: 40 kg
  • For single ropes between 8.9–11.0 mm
  • Far lower forces are exerted on the belayer
  • Lowering a heavier person in a controlled manner is far easier
  • OHM is attached at the first bolt in the safety chain
  • The device reduces the risk of a collision when falling on the first bolt
  • Rope handling when belaying a lead climber not affected (no additional friction when paying out rope)
  • “Makes the belayer 25 kg heavier”

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The Elderid Ohm 2 front facing image of full quickdraw device
Edelrid Ohm II