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DMM Tom Kitten Climbing Harness


The DMM Tom Kitten harness is specially designed for young and growing climbers, offering full body support and keeping climbers secure and comfortable. With a high tie in point keeping climbers upright in the event of a fall, as well as shoulder straps providing extra security if users invert, the Tom Kitten is the perfect first harness that grows with its users.

The Tom Kitten provides a wide range of adjustability; it is suitable for torso heights between 35 and 62cm, and the leg loops expand from 23-55cm. The padding on the floating leg loops also maximises comfort and makes adjustment simple and easy.

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  • Full body harness provides additional support and security for young climbers.
  • The Tom Kitten keeps young climbers upright when hanging, while shoulder straps provide extra security if users invert.
  • Highly adjustable for a broad range of fit
  • Padded floating leg loops for comfort and ease of adjustment


  • Torso height: 35-62cm
  • Leg Loops: 23-55cm
  • Weight: 330g
  • Certifications: EN12277:2015 B

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Weight 330 g





Full Body


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