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CMC Clutch 10.5mm to 11mm by Harken


The versatile CMC Clutch by Harken Industrial is a single wearable tool suited for efficient hauling, controlled lowering, smooth personal descent, easy ascending, and reliable progress capture. Not only does it replace the hardware used in a traditional raise/lower system for rescue operations, it also serves as a personal descender with the most efficient ascending capability of any product in its class. Theclutch is the result of the design and product engineering collaboration by two experts with a collective 90 year history in rope management under heavy loads; CMC, a company with roots in rescue and rope access, and Harken Industrial, a manufacturing company with roots in high-performance sailing.

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  • Width: 112 mm.
  • Weight: 0.84kg
  • Maximum line: 11mm.
  • Minimum line: 10.5mm
  • Height: 204mm

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