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Climbing Technology Alpin Ice Axe 60cm


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Climbing Technology Alpin Ice Axe 60cm

The Italian-made Climbing Technology Alpin Ice Axe is a robust general walking axe essential for snowy mountaineering trips. Favoured within the alpine community for offering versatility while remaining affordable. Designed with a hardened steel pick and adze the axe delivers the perfect bite for alpine use. A heavier head delivers efficient usage.

The axe is T rated and so it is suitable for classic mountaineering routes, especially as it has a well-curved pick, a wide adze for step-cutting, and a curved shaft. There’s no rubberised grip on the lower shaft but there is a padded wrist support on the adjustable leash. You can get the biggest mitt into the wrist loop too. The Alpin Tour has a hexagonal shaft that is slightly easier to grip with cold and wet hands or gloves than an oval one.