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Alder Avance Junior Combo Mask & Snorkel


The Alder Avance Junior Combo Mask and Snorkel has comfort that meets function, letting nothing get in the way of your adventure. With its optimized ergonimic fit, you can spend longer durations exploring the water comfortably!

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Alder Avance Junior Combo Mask & Snorkel

A dynamic fusion of functionality and comfortability. An adjustable headstrap assists in achieving the perfect fit, while tempered lenses both optimize visual quality and protection beneath the water. Additionally, the mask features dual lens technology that allows you to observe every aspect of the underwater world in all of its detail.


  • Ergonomic fit.
  • Dual lens technology.
  • Low volume mask for increased vision.
  • Tempered lens.
  • Adjustable head strap.
  • 100% sillicone mask.
  • High vision design.
  • Snorkel purge valve.
  • Sillicon mouthpiece.
  • Dry-top splash guard.

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Alder Avance Combo Mask Snorkel Kids. Front.
Alder Avance Junior Combo Mask & Snorkel