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Ainsworth SUP Paddle Poly Carb – Glass shaft


This Ainsworth paddle is for the intermediate to experienced SUP-er. Suitable for Touring, Racing, Surfing and running Whitewater.

This SUP paddle features our tear-shaped blade face with a medium-sized surface area. This paddle is for everyone from the smaller sized to larger sized SUP-er. Our SUP paddles are made from the same materials as our kayak and canoe paddles, making them lightweight, strong and durable.

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Ainsworth SUP Paddle Poly Carb:

  • Ainsworth uses a super tough PolyCarbonate composite injection moulded construction. This makes for superb durability and performance, consequently resulting in a strong, all-round paddle. The material strength is over double that of the nylon-12 used in many other nylon paddles in this price range.
  • Ainsworth’s PolyCarbonate blade is much stiffer than other nylon paddles. The shaft is pressed into the blades with hydraulic pressure to a depth of 10cm, ensuring a watertight joint and a continuous feel from shaft to blade tip. The high strength of the material means that the blade can be made lighter than other paddles that use a Nylon construction.

One Piece Glass Straight Shaft:

  • Another key feature of this Ainsworth paddle is its Glass fibre prepreg composite shaft. This offers more flex than a carbon shaft while still maintaining the warm feel of composite material.
  • The shaft is often favoured by touring paddlers to lessen the impact of a stiff shaft on longer journeys. When used in its shorter format on a whitewater paddle, it remains stiff enough to deliver the power. In addition, it still offers a degree of flex that some paddlers prefer.
  • This shaft is a paddler’s choice and has a clear cost-saving attraction over a carbon shaft.


  • Ainsworth provides a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. It covers defects in materials and craftsmanship under normal use.

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Poly carb SUP paddle with a glass shaft from Ainsworth Kayaks
Ainsworth SUP Paddle Poly Carb – Glass shaft