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Ainsworth Ocean Paddle Glass Pro – Two Piece Adjustable Glass Shaft


This high-angled paddle is the ultimate power machine, designed specifically to move water fast, in either touring or racing. The large, teardrop-shaped blades with fine edges help conserve your energy while covering the ground. Perfect for those long days out at sea.

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Ainsworth Sea Paddle Glass Pro:

  • GLASS PRE PREG blades.
  • AINSWORTH has developed the ‘Snap Cure’ manufacturing technique for Glass and Carbon prepreg materials. This process significantly reduces the time it takes to make products from these high-tech materials. This means that the inherent high-performance characteristics of the Glass prepreg paddles can be offered at cost-effective prices – transforming the affordability of High-End paddles.
  • This construction matches the strength of carbon prepreg paddles but with a little more weight & flexibility, which is sometimes a paddler preference.

Two-Piece Glass Straight Shaft:

  • The two-piece shaft shares the same construction as the straight glass shaft. However, it is split in the centre using a cam and lever which clamps onto a smaller diameter spigot made from the same shaft material.
  • The overall adjustment offers a 10cm telescopic extension along with a full range of feather angles both left and right-handed. As a result, a satisfyingly simple and adjustable system emerges to suit all your paddling needs.


  • Ainsworth provides a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. It covers defects in materials and craftsmanship under normal use.

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Paddle Shaft

Fibre Glass




RH 0-90 Deg


Ocean glass pro two-piece adjustable paddle from Ainsworth
Ainsworth Ocean Paddle Glass Pro – Two Piece Adjustable Glass Shaft