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Ainsworth River Paddle Carbon Pro – Carbon Shaft


A Powerful River Running blade with a classic river running asymmetric blade shape for more power. This paddle is for the average sized kayaker designed to give power when it matters.

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  • Beautiful.
  • Super light.
  • Incredibly strong.

This is a brand new range of high quality performance paddles. The new ‘super-light’ Prepreg blades offer top-class performance and feel.  With a high gloss finish, the Carbon Prepreg paddles inherit the strength, endurance and a full years warranty for which AINSWORTH is renowned.

The new Carbon Prepreg blades achieve their unique performance through a high tech manufacturing process. This involves pre-impregnating Epoxy resin through Carbon fibres at immense pressures – with an astounding 65% carbon to resin content. This process allows for dramatic weight saving and a paddle blade with an edge vastly superior to other conventional wet lay-up processes (which rarely achieve 40% carbon to resin content).

The increased structural strength pushes the boundaries of paddle design and produces new paddles with up to 10  deg. kick back. This not only advances the ‘catch’, but allows for quicker drainage and assist rolling.

Ainsworth uses a carbon composite prepreg shaft with a percentage of bi-axial glass. This increases the UTS (ultimate tensile strength) of the shaft. Glass has 3-5 times the elongation at break as carbon. When laminated with the stiffer carbon material, the best of both materials combine to make the ideal construction for paddle shafts.

This really is the next generation in paddle development.


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River Paddle with Carbon Shaft and Carbon Blade from Ainsworth
Ainsworth River Paddle Carbon Pro – Carbon Shaft