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Ainsworth Ocean Paddle Poly Carb – Glass Shaft


This high angled paddle is the ultimate power machine, designed specifically to move water fast, in either touring or racing. These large, teardrop-shaped blades with fine edges help conserve energy while covering the ground. Perfect for those long days out at sea.

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Ainsworth Ocean Paddle POLY CARB:

  • Ainsworth uses a super tough PolyCarbonate composite injection moulded construction. This consequently makes for superb durability and performance, creating a strong, all-round paddle. The material strength doubles that of the nylon 12 used in many other nylon paddles within this price range.
  • Ainsworth’s PolyCarbonate blade is much stiffer than other nylon paddles. The shaft is pressed into the blades with hydraulic pressure to a depth of 10cm. This ensures a watertight joint complimented by a continuous feel from shaft to blade tip. The high strength of the material means that the blade can be made lighter than other paddles that use a Nylon construction.

One Piece Glass Straight Shaft:

  • This Ainsworth Sea Paddle has a Glass fibre prepreg composite shaft that has more flex than a carbon shaft but still with the warm feel of a composite material.
  • The shaft is often favoured by touring paddlers to lessen the impact of a stiff shaft on longer journeys. When used in its shorter format on a whitewater paddle, it is still stiff enough to deliver the power yet gives a degree of flex that some paddlers prefer.
  • This shaft is a paddler’s choice and has a cost-saving over a carbon shaft.


  • Ainsworth provides a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. It covers defects in materials and craftsmanship under normal use.


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Paddle Shaft

Fibre Glass


RH 45 Deg


Ocean paddles fibreglass shaft and polycarbonate blade from Ainsworth
Ainsworth Ocean Paddle Poly Carb – Glass Shaft