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Their story

Founded by frustrated marine conservationists, Waterhaul turns plastic pollution into a valuable resource, from sunglasses to beach cleaning kits. The abundance, strength and durability of fishing nets make the perfect material for high quality sustainable, recycled eyewear, while cleaning up our oceans at the same time.


As a social-enterprise, Waterhaul are mission driven to reduce abandoned fishing gear and nets, the most lethal forms of plastic in our ocean, by transforming the material into a valued resource: Sunglasses, knives and beach cleaning kits.

Why we love Waterhaul

Like Waterhaul, we are distressed by the damage plastic pollution does to our treasured oceans, and we have been awestruck by Waterhaul’s truly empowering solution to pollution. And their sunglasses are some of the most durable we have ever tried, which is great for outdoor adventures!

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