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Peak UK

Their story

Peak UK was started by Pete Astles in 1990 who saw an opportunity for better designed kayaking equipment, initially making all the garments himself. Today, Peak UK is one of the world’s leading brands of kayaking wear.


Peak UK are committed to reducing their impact on the environment, both locally and globally, focussing on reducing waste and using sustainable materials when designing and manufacturing their products. They are pioneering the creation of specialist kayaking using 100% recycled materials that will last.

Why we love Peak UK

We can always trust our Peak UK kit to keep us warm and safe on our awesome kayaking trips. Their specialist equipment has lasted countless trips in the UK and around the world! To top it off, Peak UK are kayaking activists, campaigning for fair access to local waterways for all users, whilst encouraging safe, responsible use of the environment.

Peak UK size guidelines

See here.