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Black Diamond

Their story

Through a passion for design and innovation, Black Diamond have not just created the equipment and apparel we use on rock, ice or snow, they have transformed the mountain sports we know and love.

Black Diamond’s innovation heritage spans the creation of revolutionary equipment such as the world’s first wire gate carabiner or cornerstone Camalots.


Black Diamond’s ethos is rooted in their rich heritage as pioneers of Clean Climbing. Their state of the art climbing equipment champions the conservation, preservation and access to mountain, crag and canyon environments, all with a minimal environmental footprint.

Black Diamond products are synonymous with outstanding performance and durability, but never at the expense of destroying the environment. This applies to the material selection as much as the manufacturing processes and beyond.

Why we love Black Diamond

Like us, Black Diamond staff spend their weekends on outdoor adventures, and this lived experience of mountain sports forms the design process. They create products that climbers need, because they’re out there having an awesome time themselves.