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Training for Climbing – Part 2

Indoor climbing sessions are great training for outdoor climbing

About Tom and Neil Tom – When not running courses, Tom works as a stuntman and has a background as a Fitness Instructor and former Royal Marine Commando. Over the years, Tom has put his body through its paces, and generally broken it! Neil – Company director of Blackbrook Strength, a former Royal Marine Commando, … Read more

Training for Climbing – Part 1

Strength training for climbing

We’ve teamed up with Neil Collins from Blackbrook Crossfit based near Ditchling Common in Sussex to bring you a couple of articles on training and improving your climbing. About Tom and Neil Tom – When not getting shot or blown up in his day job as a stuntman, Tom runs a range of our courses … Read more

How to Tie a Re-Threaded Figure of 8

Re-threaded figure of eight

Step 1 Make a loop, in the rope and thread the rope back round into the loop to create an 8 shape. This is known as a single figure-of-eight. To tie a re-threaded figure-of-eight you will need approximately 1m of rope at the working end. Step 2 Pass the working end of the rope around … Read more