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Rolls Royce Car Commerical

In January 2016 we were commissioned by Whightman Productions to provide the safety rigging for the cast and crew working on the edge of the building while filming a Rolls Royce TV Commercial. We travelled up to London to carry… Continue Reading →

Lights, Camera, Action! Filming a Subaru Advert – Pt.2

A few of months ago we were asked to source a location, a climber and riggers to film a Subaru advert. The day went well and the shoot was completed. The media company BJL were extremely pleased with the advert,… Continue Reading →

Lights, Camera, Action! Filming a Subaru Advert – Pt.1

Filming a Subaru Car Advert We were contacted in late March 2015 by BJL Group Ltd. about filming one of our rock climbing instructors for a new Subaru advert. They had some ideas about how the advert was going to… Continue Reading →

Photo Shoot – DWP

In 2009 we were commissioned by Jessica Vanderweert to provide a location safety, training and equipment for a photo shoot she was working on for the Department for Work and Pensions. They wanted to shoot in Sussex and have a… Continue Reading →

Film – Bunny and the Bull

In 2008, Warp Films asked us to rig an actor in a harness in front of a green screen so they could simulate underwater swimming. We were sent the storyboard to plan the shots from. Here’s a few behind the… Continue Reading →

Photo Shoot – Image Source

Way back in 2008 and we were approached by a photographer who was creating a gallery for use on the image platform Image Source to provide location scouting, safety and equipment for photo shoot in North Wales. We had two… Continue Reading →

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