In January 2016 we were commissioned by Whightman Productions to provide the safety rigging for the cast and crew working on the edge of the building while filming a Rolls Royce TV Commercial.

We travelled up to London to carry out a recce of the venue before completing the usual health and safety paperwork.

The commercial was shot in the penthouse sweet of the Me Hotel on the Strand in London. A week later was the shoot and the schedule was tight as the hotel was still in service with guests free to come and go as they pleased. While the crew got the interior shots, we rigged up and tested the safety lines for the shots. I the commercial the actor is in one location on the roof but this was actually filmed from two separate locations.

Kyle being the test dummy

As dark was falling we had to get both shots in the classic twighlight hour. The views over London were spectacular to say the least!

Looking out from the Me Hotel, London
Checking the monitors between shots
The with the actor in situ.

You can watch the finished advert here:

By Tom Hatt