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The 6 Best UK Mountain Challenges

When it comes to the ultimate accomplishment, a mountain walking challenge is hard to beat.

Important Features to Consider When Buying a Climbing Rope

Demystifying the different features of climbing ropes so that you can brush up on your knowledge for your next adventure!

The Definitive Guide to Buying Your First Climbing Rope

Discover our top tips on dynamic rope type, length and diameter to help you choose the best rock climbing rope.

Getting Your Winter Walking Clothing Right

It’s the middle of winter and you’re on a snowy mountain – make sure you’ve got the right layers on with this handy guide.

Outdoor Clothing Explained

To understand what we should be wearing for the great outdoors we should first consider what we need the clothing to provide. Essentially clothing must provide you with warmth and offer you protection from the elements. Your clothing should enable… Continue Reading →

Belay Devices

There are 2 main styles of belay devices; those that increase the friction on the rope (bugs, ATC’s etc.) and those that pinch the rope (grigri, Single Rope Controller, etc.) As there are so many types of belay devices on… Continue Reading →

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