So what is a guided climbing day all about?

Simple, we take you out and climb some of the best routes at the crag in your grade. Guided climbing gives you the opportunity to climb in its traditional form of lead climbing without being on the sharp end!

How much climbing experience do I need?

The minimum requirements to join a guided climbing day is the ability to tie into the rope and belay safely. Your personal climbing ability isn’t an issue as we tailor the day to your needs.

Do I need my own equipment?

We highly recommend that you have your own climbing shoes as a minimum, harnesses, helmets and belay devices can be borrowed from us.

Climbing at Cattle Troughs crag in Swanage, Dorset.
Gearing up on the ledge before scrambling to the base of the crag

A typical guided climbing day

We meet in the nearest café or car park to discuss your experience, aspirations and answer any last minute questions you may have. We will then ensure that we have all the right equipment before heading off to the rocks; which may be as much as 30minute hike away.

Scrambling to the bottom of Cattle Troughs at Swanage in Dorset

Once at the crag, we’ll discuss the safety points, access routes and emergency action plan before gearing up. This is where we’ll take the time to cover the intricacies of removing, nuts, hex’s, cam’s and other pieces of lead climbing kit. We chat about the climbing calls system to ensure everyone’s safety and that we all know what’s happening throughout the climb.

First trad rock climb of the day at Cattle Troughs in Swanage, Dorset.
First trad climb of the day with a nice easy warm up route

Some of the routes can only be accessed via abseil, others we can scramble to the bottom. Before abseiling we’ll teach you how to protect yourself during the abseil using a prussic loop.

Abseiling with a prussic safely loop.
First abseil with a prussic loop

It’s now time to flake the ropes ready for the climb… Your instructor will climb the route placing lead protection while you belay them. Once safely at the top of the climb your instructor will rig up an anchor at the top to belay you safely up.

getting ready for an abseil at Subliminal in Swanage.
Getting ready to abseil again, this time at Subliminal, Swanage

Once you hear those classic climbing words ‘climb when you’re ready’ its turn to start scaling the rocks! Along the way you’ll have to remove all the equipment placed by the leader, while trying to keep your balance and not drop anything in the sea!

Abseiling down Subliminal cliffs in Swanage.
Building in confidence with every climb and abseil

As you confidence grows, we’ll increase the grades and complexity of the routes giving you a memorable day out.

What’s next?

Who knows, maybe you’ll now be ready to try a lead climbing course yourself.

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By Tom Hatt